Northern California Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Northern California Treatment provides services to persons struggling to overcome alcohol and drug dependency.  We provide a full spectrum of housing and treatment opportunities necessary to break out of the vicious cycle of substance abuse, crime, incarceration and failure.  With support, security and shelter, we return our clients into productive members of society.  Recognizing that no program can prevail until the client is truly ready to change, our program offers a highly structured environment where there are minimal opportunities for regression.  We place our clients in a controlled environment in homes in Oroville and assist them in dealing with the burden of living challenges and their integration back into society.

The mission of Norcaltreatment.org is to successfully rehabilitate persons suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and to prevent remission through an environment that fosters recovery.  We can arrange housing, counseling, education, basic living skills and access to spiritual values to bring about positive changes in family life, community involvement and in themselves.  Our goal is to return individuals who suffer from addiction to independence from the influences of drugs and alcohol where they can function in a positive manner with their families and be contributing members of society.

Northern California Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services

Inpatient & Outpatient services are offered to clients who require specialized treatment without continuous supervision.  Services include detoxification, assessments, group counseling, individual counseling sessions, specialized treatments, planning, weekly drug screening and representation for court appearances and referral services.

The Intensive SLE Treatment Program is designed to assist men and women in developing and using recovery tools to become productive members of society.  We encourage men and women to begin looking for work or to enroll in college, adult education or vocational training as early as 60 days.  Treatment commences with a 30 day “black out” period where the client becomes familiar with the program without external distractions or influences.  During this time, clients are allowed only communication with legal agencies and minor children in order to ensure that focus remains on treatment goals.  Treatment consists of weekly educational and therapeutic group and individual counseling, and vocational training.

The Sober Living Treatment Program is designed to allow more freedom than residential treatment.  SLE allows the structure of a residential treatment program without the continuous supervision.  Clients must attend the twelve step program, sign in and out of the program, complete daily chores and follow SLE policies and procedures.

Northern California Treatment – Intensive Outpatient/Sober Living

The program is a highly structured treatment program for those men and women who cannot afford the costs of residential treatment but need more intense services than a typical sober living environment.

Outpatient Services

Clients attend two (2) groups and one (1) individual counseling session per week with our certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Life Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Grief Support
  • Addiction and Impulsive Behavior Education
  • GED Preparation