Check Out These Vintage Holiday Greeting Cards Designed by Penn Architecture Alumni

They just don't make 'em like they used to. These holiday greeting cards were designed by Penn Design alumni from 1925 to 1977 and are part of local architects Franklin Spencer Roach and Hannah Benner Roach's collection. The exhibit, To Hannah and Spence: Holiday Greeting Cards, was created in 1999 and features cards from 14 architects, all of which can be found over at the University Archives & Records Center. Below are some of our favorites. Happy Holidays!

Greeting cards written by robots?

Communication today is faster and more ephemeral than ever. We fire off emails, skip the punctuation in our texts and watch our photos and messages vanish in seconds on Snapchat.
Digital tools have made communicating with others easier but not necessarily more thoughtful, and this bothered Sonny Caberwal, an entrepreneur. “We’re in a rush to make everything disappear,” he said.
Receiving a physical, handwritten thank-you note or letter these days feels special, but it also requires some work.


Injured Marines Receive Holiday Greeting Cards From ‘Holiday Heroes’ Event

On Dec. 8, members from both groups came together to design and make Christmas and holiday greetings cards for over 100 injured Marine recruits.

Members also wrote letters to troops thanking them for their service and are providing small care packages to injured marines who are away from their families during the holidays.

The event was the brainchild of Lisa Ballantine; a Soroptimist Member who has been visiting injured Marines on Christmas Day for over 10 years and delivering care packages and holiday messages.


Documentary to tell story of filmmaker's late father's greeting cards to Beloit woman

Once director Mark Davis made his final adjustments to the lights, camera and microphones, he was ready to begin filming.

“I'm gonna roll on that,” he said as the room fell silent.

Peering through the lens of his camera, Davis asked the main character of the film her first question: “Joni, how are you?”


How to Make Embroidered Greeting Cards

Y’all are going to be shocked at how easy these cards are to make! They look super cute, too–my nine- and eleven-year-olds made the three in this picture, and happily made tons more with me for an entire afternoon of crafting embroidered greeting cards one wintry day.

These embroidered greeting cards work well for every occasion. We sent ours out as Christmas cards, but my younger kid is already planning the Valentine cards that she’ll make soon, and a birthday cake with candles is a simple design.